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A Pioneer Self-Funded Health Care Plan

Provide to your seafarers and their families a customized self-insured "Health Care"policy, under Evrostia's pioneer program of Medi-Trust. Reduce company's costs comparatively with a premium insurance contract and keep your seafarers and their families happy! Assign Evrostia as Designer and Administrator of your plan, and get the advantage of Evrostia's deep "know-how", and Evrostia's pre-agreed discounts rates as well.  Avoid unnecessary admissions and overcharges under the accurate Audit, of Evrostia's Doctors Auditors Team, in real time 24/7. Give to your seafarers and their families 24/7 cashless access in any hospital or doctor all over the world. Transform company's funds for insurance premium to a financial tool and improve your cash flow.

We Deliver Results!

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Creation of the Insurance Policy and Design of the Provided Benefits under the Plan

Accurate and Reliable

Evrostia Financial Services will design the provided benefits and will create the policy on your behalf under strict insurance underwriting rules.

Health Card

Cashless Access to the Medical Facilities

Evrostia Financial Service will provide your seafarers and their family members with an Evrostia Health Card, which is recognized nationwide in over 30,000 accredited medical facilities in Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, and in every hospital worldwide which accepts Cards.

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Accredited Network

24/7 Safe and Easy

Over 30,000 nationwide accredited medical facilities in Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, and thousand more all over the world, which accepts Cards.

​Clinical/Medical Audit & Billing Audit

We Deliver Results

  • Real time, 24/7 medical/clinical audit, by internationally accredited Doctors Auditors. To ensure you that "what should be done will be done".

  • Real time, 24/7 billing Audit by a specialized team in medical billing. To ensure you that "will be paid what only should be paid". 

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Customer Service Rep

Support of the Members

Here For You

  • 24/7 High quality service and prompt guidance through Evrostia's "health line". 

  • 24/7 medical escort and/or medical coordinator during member's medical admission.

Technology @ work

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Evrostia Financial Services using advanced technology, in all the steps of the process, secures transparency, efficiency and cost reducement.

Business data analytics process manageme

Want to learn more about our TPA? Click here for TPA FAQs or Contact us today.

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